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CGI Guns & Training - Custom Gun Services


enhances the look of your firearm and improves your ability to hold to it!  Stippling is available in various levels of coverage for most polymer frame handguns, rubberized grips, and polymer/synthetic rifle and shotgun stocks.


DuraCoat your firearm in custom colors.  DuraCoat is impervious to corrosion and virtually scratch proof.

Enhanced Sights
Have CGI Guns & Training install fiber optic, tritium night sights, and other specialized sights on your Glock and other handguns.

Enhance the "grip-ability" of your handgun, rifle or shotgun with CGI Gun's & Training's stippling services!

Polymer frames and synthetic stocks have many advantages.  Unfortunately, providing a firm gripping surface is rarely one of them.  But you can change that with our stippling services.  From just a simple front-strap, back-strap or grip panel stippling, all the way up to a full custom stippling job, or anything in between, a stippling job from CGI Guns & Training can greatly enhance your firearm.

Just What Exactly Is Stippling? ...

Stippling is a labor intensive hand operation that utilizes heat application to change the texture of the polymer.  Each "dot" or "crater" you see in the pictures below was applied individually by hand!

Take a look at some of the photos below for more information.

Contact us for shipping instructions, questions, or to get a quote for your firearm.

Price Schedule*

(Click link to see examples of each option)

OPTION A:  Grip panels only ... $40

OPTION B:  Front-strap & back-strap ... $30

OPTION C:  Sub-compact carry package ... $50

OPTION D:  Thumb pads ... $12 (per side)

OPTION F:  Full stippling ... $125 Minimum  (Smoothing / reshaping are extra. Contact us for a quote.)

OPTION R:  Rubber/poly revolver grips and removable semi-auto grips ... $30 (J-frame size) / $40 (full size)

OTHER:  Shotgun & rifle stocks, poly mags, AR grips, magazine finger rests, ... Contact us for a quote

CUSTOM DESIGNS & SHAPES:  Grips or stocks with initials, logos, etc. ... Contact us for a quote

HALF OPTION:  Some prefer only the stong-hand grip to be textured, while leaving the grip against the body smooth.

* Prices are estimates based upon the pistols shown. Firearms with difficult contours, large or complex shapes may incur additional charges.  All prices subject to change without notice.

(Too see larger images of any of the photos below, right click, and select view image.)


Grip Panels Stippling


OPTION A:  Stippling applied to grip panels only.  This area often already has some sort of minor texture, although not enough to provide a significant grip.  It is up to the customer whether or not to leave any logos intact.  In the example above, the Glock Logo and patent information have been left in place.


Front-Strap & Back-Strap Stippling
OPTION B:  Stippling applied to the front-strap and back-strap only.  If the firearm already has some sort of minor texture in these two areas, then stippling can be applied to fill in the gaps between the existing texture only, or over top of any existing texture in addition to applying texture to the smooth areas.

The pictures below show a Glock 19 with both Option A and Option B.  The Option B stippling has been applied in the gaps where there was no texture and over top of the existing texture to enhance its efficiency.

See the picture to the right ... CGI Guns & Training has also installed Tru-Glo fiber optic front and rear sights on this GEN3 Glock 19. Notice the contrasting red and green of the front and rear sights.

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Sub-Compact Carry Package

The Option C sub-compact carry package is a perfect solution for pistols such as the Ruger LC9, LCP; Kel-Tec PF9, P-11; Glock 26; and numerous pistols by Springfield, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, and others.

The sub-compact carry package enhances the grip panels, the front-strap, and the back-strap.  The difference in the "grip-ability" this treatment provides is stunning.
Before ...

At right is the very popular Ruger LC9 as it comes from the Ruger factory.

While it appears to have a decent "gripping surface" due to the factory molded checkering, this pistol -- and most other sub-compacts -- are shockingly slippery; particularly on the draw, and when firing with a less than optimal grip, or slippery hands.

The transformation provided by the stippling shown below is nothing short of amazing!


And After ...

Below are pictures of the same exact Ruger LC9 after application of the sub-compact carry package stippling ...

(To see larger images, right click and select view image.)


And below is a Kel-Tec PF9 with the sub-compact carry package applied to the raised smooth checkers of the original gun, plus a little flourished area above the grip panel, to give this otherwise ordinary PF9 a true "custom" look.

This pistol also received stippled "thumb pads" -- stippled rectangles seen here above and forward of the trigger on the frame below the slide -- for use with a thumb-forward tactical grip.  This "anchors" your grip and provides positive tactile feedback that your thumb is in the proper place, shot after shot.


Kel-Tec PF9 with Option C and D stippling

(To see larger images, right click and select view image.)


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Full Stippling & Custom Re-Shaping

Before ...

Full stippling can be applied to the firearm in its existing shape, or the firearm can be re-shaped.

The process begins by carefully removing all the factory texture, and may include the removal of the finger grooves if desired, to transform to a flat front-strap.

The GEN4 Glock 23 at left is shown after it has gone through this initial preparation process.  The dished out area above the grip for the strong hand thumb is left in place.  The ridge can be removed if desired.

Most shooters find that the factory finger grooves are not "fit" to their hand, and force an unnatural grip.  Once you have put your hands on a pistol, particularly a Glock, that has had the finger grooves removed, it is doubtful you will ever want finger grooves on your poly pistol again!

And After ...

This GEN4 Glock 23 has full stippling -- from the mag well to the slide release.  The front-strap and back-strap stippling blend into one continuous flow of texture ensuring a firm grip regardless of hand placement.

This Glock also has thumb pads -- above and forward of the trigger guard and below the slide -- to provide positive tactile feedback that the thumb is anchored in a correct "thumb-forward" tactical grip; and in no danger of impeding the slide.

(To see larger images, right click and select view image.)


Full wrap-around stippling and thumb pad - Left side


Full wrap-around stippling and thumb pad - Right side
The importance of stippling the back-strap and front-strap cannot be over emphasized.  This is where most of the grip pressure is applied.

In fact, we rate a good textured back-strap and front-strap surface higher in importance than the grip panels themselves.

In addition to the full stippling job, this GEN4 Glock 23 has also received a sight upgrade.  The rear sight of the XS Big DOT sight combo can be seen at the right.

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 Revolver Grips & Grips for Non-Poly Handguns

Many grips on metal frame handguns can also benefit from Option R stippling.  Particularly J-frame and other small framed handguns with diminutive grips utilized for better concealment, such as the S&W Airweight with boot grips shown below.


(To see larger images, right click and select view image.)


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DuraCoat is an incredibly rugged space-age coating that is unbelievably scratch resistant and impervious to corrosion.  Due to its unique chemical properties, once properly cured, it is unlikely to chip or flake.  It not only hardens to an armor-like toughness, but it also "flexes" to a degree.

Duracoat forms a permanent molecular bond and is safe to use on metal, plastic polymers and wood.  Unlike baked on paint, Teflon, and other finishes, once it is on, it is on for good.  You can re-coat or change the color with another application of Duracoat, but it cannot be chemically stripped like a blued or nickel finish.
  • Give your guns a custom, personalized look with digi-camo, muted flat colors, two-tone combos, or flashy vibrant colors like pink, lime-green or turquoise.  The only limit is the rainbow and your tastes.
  • Revive an old rust-bucket with a new almost indestructible finish for a fraction of the cost of a re-blueing job.
  • Transform that way-too-shiny stainless steel carry gun into a more discreet and concealable matte color.
  • Color code your AR uppers by caliber ...  for example: 5.56 in black, .300 AAC in FDE, 6.8 in OD, etc.
  • DuraCoat the slide and/or frame of your pistol in your favorite colors.
  • Give your hunting rifle an extra layer of protection and enhance its ability to "blend in" to the surroudings.

Before ...

Here's a rather beat-up S&W Model-15 we picked up as a police trade-in back in the 1980s and have been using as a training gun ever since -- taking just about every form of abuse imaginable that students can dish out.  While perfectly serviceable, this revolver was becoming a pain to keep the corrosion off of due to the ever increasing amount of bare steel becoming exposed from decades of use.  We decided it was time for a "make over" CGI Guns & Training style ...

Note the numerous scratches and the shiny metal where once it was blued

(To see larger images, right click and select view image.)


The Excessive holster wear is really
evident in this picture

And After ...

An olive drab frame with contrasting matte black sights, hammer, trigger, cylinder, ejector and cylinder release latch gives this reborn work horse a practical, utilitarian look.

While the wooden grips did give a nice contrast, we figured a new dress called for new shoes as well, so we added black Hogue grips to match the color theme and give it a more modern look ...

Too Shiny? ... Not Any More!

At CGI Guns & Training, we're huge fans of the NAA Mini-Revolvers and S&W 642 revolvers, both in stainless steel.

Our only complaint ... too shiny for discreet carry! 

But not any more ...

Now -- thanks to a treatment with DuraCoat matte black -- regardless of whether the NAA Mini-Revovler is in the watch pocket of a pair of jeans, or either the NAA or S&W are in an ankle rig, pocket, or even discreetly held in the hand at one's side, it is no longer s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g "look, look, shiny, shiny!"


Many stainless steel carry guns can benefit by having
their finish toned down by the application of any one
of a myriad of matte finishes.  Here, we chose
matte black for this NAA .22LR Mini-Revolver.

DuraCoat Pricing

DuraCoat pricing can vary widely depending on:

  • the amount of coverage
  • the type of color (some bright colors require an additional white base coat)
  • the number of colors
  • how much degreasing/stripping we have to do
  • whether we have to assemble / disassemble the gun

Click here for our current pricing guidelines, terms and conditions.

Contact us for a quote, or if you have any questions regarding our DuraCoat services and/or any ideas you may have to give your gun a custom finish.

(More Information, Pics & Prices Coming Soon!)
Enhanced Sights

(Info, Pics & Prices Coming Soon!)

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Pricing Policy: Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise indicated, prices on this page are for purchases made with cash, check, cashiers/certified check or USPS money order. Purchases with Vias/MC/Discover are subject to a 4% fee (this is what our card processor charges us). CGI Guns & Training / Catoctin Group Inc is not responsible for typographical errors.
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