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Transfer Services

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Firearm Transfer Services

Most interstate firearm transactions must be conducted through a dealer who holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL). It is illegal, in almost all instances, for someone who is not a licensed dealer to ship a firearm to another party who is not a licensed dealer.

CGI Guns & Training can arrange for the transfer of firearms to or from other dealers anywhere within the United States.

Here are some of the types of transfers that usually have to be performed through a FFL:

  • You purchase a firearm through an auction house or internet dealer. Even if the dealer is in Virginia, they cannot ship directly to you. You must pick it up in person, or have it transferred through a licensed dealer.


  • You are on vacation out of state, and see a handgun you have always wanted. You can purchase it from the out of state dealer, but you must have the dealer ship the handgun to an FFL in your home state to complete the transfer.


  • You want to sell or give your handgun to someone who does not have an FFL and they live in another state.


  • You inherit a firearm, particularly a handgun, from an out of state relative.


Transfer Fees


  • CGI Guns & Training charges a flat transfer fee of $33 per firearm.

All Transactions also incur the following charges where applicable:
  • $2 NICS (Vcheck) fee ($5 for non-Virginia residents). This fee only applies when you are the recipient of the firearm. It is required by Virginia and is forwarded to the Commonwealth. We do not keep this fee.
  • Any and all shipping costs incurred by CGI Guns. When CGI Guns is receiving the firearm for a customer, these fees are usually paid directly by the customer to the shipping dealer. When CGI Guns is shipping the firearm for a customer, the customer pays the shipping fees to CGI Guns.
  •  Any and all fees the other dealer may charge CGI Guns for processing or verifying their FFL. This is highly unusual, but sometimes it happens.

Procedures for Transferring a Handgun to CGI Guns & Training

To ship a firearm to CGI Guns & Training click on the following link, and follow these Shipping Procedures and Instructions. Use the bulleted items as a checklist, and ensure each item is followed.

Failure to follow these procedures may result in the refusal of your delivery.

When your firearm arrives at CGI, all federal and state laws pertaining to the transfer of a firearm apply exactly the same as if purchasing a firearm.  Refer to the two follow links for eligibility and identification requirements.

  Firearms Purchase Eligibility Test (Virginia State Police)

  Identification Required to Purchase a Firearm in Virginia

If you would like CGI Guns to handle your firearm transfer, either into or out of the Commonwealth of Virginia, then contact us to discuss your needs.

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Pricing Policy: Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise indicated, prices on this page are for purchases made with cash, check, cashiers/certified check or USPS money order. Purchases with Vias/MC/Discover are subject to a 4% fee (this is what our card processor charges us). CGI Guns & Training / Catoctin Group Inc is not responsible for typographical errors.

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